Towed Brush Combinations

  • Towed
  • Brush

Designed specifically for regular routine brushing, the towed brush combinations can be used by almost any small ride-on power unit including compact garden tractors.

Regular brushing should ideally take place following every 8-10 hours of play.

The flexicomb can be used on sand infill surfaces and also used more aggressively on rubber crumb infull by adjusting the crossbar and shortening the length of the bristles.

The straight brush is ideal as a 'smooth finishing' brush and enhancing presentation.

  • Towed Single Frame - Manual Lift - FS1118Y
  • Towed Single Frame - Electric Lift - FS1238Y
  • Twin Implement Extension Arms - FS1123Y
  • Flexicomb Implement - FS1134Y
  • Towed Brush Combinations - Twin Implement Extension Arms
  • Towed Brush Combinations - manual lift


Towed Brush Combinations

  • Working width

    1800mm (1.8m/72")

    Power unit requirement

    15hp minimum

  • 1.8m Flexicomb - FS1134Y

    1.8m Zig Zag Brush - FS0869Y

    1.8m Straight Brush - FS0765Y

    Implements can be used singly or in pairs.
    Flexicomb also available in 1.3m upon request.
    Zig Zag Brush also available in 2.4m upon request.
    Straight Brush also available in 1.2m/2.4m upon request.