The History of Syn-Pro

  • 2012

    The two-in-one brushing system

    Specially designed for maintaining synthetic surfaces the Brush Pro was launched with a brushing system consisting of a pair of mid mounted oscillating brushes and three rear mounted brushes.

  • 2011

    Acquired by the Howardson Group

    SISIS was acquired by the Howardson Group to sit alongside Dennis Mowers, thus providing the groundcare industry with a truly comprehensive range of British manufactured products.
    Later on in the year saw SISIS leave its long time home in Macclesfield and move to Kirk Langley to join up with the rest of the Howardson Group

  • 2005

    The Flexcomb

    The introduction of the Flexicomb to the range of synthetic brushes.
    The easily adjustable crossbar increases or decreases the intensity of the bristles making it ideal for standing the synthetic turf up or reducing compaction.

  • 2004

    Aeration with a Difference

    The Javelin Aer-aid system was developed to allow air to be injected directly into the root zone to speed up the aeration process, move air uniformly throughout the root zone for complete aeration, reduce compaction and increase water infiltration rates amongst the benefits.

  • 2001

    A new Millenium

    The new millennium saw no let up in innovation and new products that continued to help ground professionals in pursuit of their desired surfaces.
    The Rotorake 600 with its contra rotating principle was developed as a heavy duty deep scarifier and linear aerator.

  • 1980’s

    The Hydromain and Quadraplay

    Specifically designed for the use on golf tees and greens, the Hydromain, produced in 1980 was the first comprehensive turf maintenance system. Highly manoeuvrable with a unique weight transfer system it used a range of various implements.
    Later in the decade, the Quadraplay was introduced. It was a natural progression to develop a system that used a combination of implements ensuring multiple tasks could be carried out and a faster work rate.
    The Quadraplay has gone on to become a staple piece of equipment in a ground teams
    fleet of machinery.

  • 1970’s

    Innovation Continues

    The Autocrat was the first independently powered vertical action aerator to be launched in the UK in 1971.
    New products continued with the Truline in 1972 which was developed in conjunction with a groundsman. It was a continuous belt system that gave a clear pained line.
    1975 was the launch of a tractor mounted scarifier, called the Veemo. Produced for fast effective scarification of golf fairways, the Veemo has gone on to become a popular machine used across the world at golf clubs, sports clubs and public parks.

  • 1963

    Re-seeding sports areas

    Saw the launch of the SISIS Contravator and Lospred.
    The Contravator used strong contra rotating blades to cut grooves into the surface and the Lospred, utilising a system of twin neoprene rollers, dispensed the seed directly into the grooves with great accuracy ensuring the playing surface was preserved and germination was rapid.

  • 1957

    Rotorake and Contra Rotation – Principle

    Innovations continued with the production of the first rotorake scarifier. The rotorake included the patented contra-rotation principle which is a series of blades rotating at high speed in the opposite direction to that of a conventional cylinder mower, pushing fibre away from the surface rather than into the surface.
    It was developed following research at the Sports Turf Research Institute.

  • 1932

    The Start and early years

    The realisation that by putting holes in the ground encouraged better grass growth was the start of things for SISIS
    A simple hand fork and aerators on wheeled frames were the first products.
    In 1934, the first horse drawn aerator was sold to Doncaster Racecourse
    1938 saw the development of the Trulevel roller which had three rollers following each other, overriding hollows to give a true surface.