Monday 20 February 2012

Osca 3 rejuvinates synthetic playing surfaces

Article - Osca-3-rejuvinates-synthetic-playing-surfaces

The SISIS Osca 3 tractor mounted oscillation brush is ideal for coping with such a task. In operation the brushes stand the carpet fibres up and redistributes the infill, minimising compaction on the surface and improving its performance. To complement the final result an additional brush can be fitted to the rear of the unit to act as a groomer.

The brushes 1.8M working width maintains infill levels to a constant depth, giving consistent playing characteristics, and preventing pill damage caused by reduced infill levels.

Used regularly it will keep the infill mobile, preventing surface compaction and loss of porosity when used on a synthetic surface. A contributory factor to the reduction of compaction is that the Osca 3’s working width will use few passes than other conventional drag brushes to complete a pitch.

Its aggressive brushing action disperses the infill quickly and evenly, preventing excess material being left on the surface where it could contribute to disease.

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    Osca 3 rejuvinates synthetic playing surfaces