Friday 16 February 2024

Osca 3 elevates synthetic maintenance at Colliers Park

SynPro Osca at Colliers Park Website.jpg

James Mathewson, Head Groundsperson at Colliers Park National Football Development Centre in Wrexham, has found a game-changer in the Syn-Pro by SISIS Osca 3 for the upkeep of their synthetic pitch.

James brings a wealth of knowledge from his diverse career path, including stints at renowned clubs like Arsenal FC and West Ham United FC as well as the Honourable Artillery Company. For the past 18 months he has been at Colliers Park, which boasts state-of-the-art facilities dedicated to football development. Among its features is a full-sized synthetic pitch, a crucial asset for training and matches. Before James' tenure, the deep cleaning maintenance of the 3G pitch was outsourced, incurring significant monthly costs.

James explains, "Before I came here, we were contracting out the maintenance of the 3G pitch, which was a big cost every month."

The introduction of the Osca 3 marked a turning point in their synthetic maintenance strategy. James elaborates, "We identified the Osca as a power brush that could reduce the de-compaction for us, keep the rubber crumb distributed, and keep the pitch in a good overall condition."

The Syn-Pro by SISIS Osca 3 is a tractor mounted powered oscillating brush with a 1.9 meter working width and is equally effective when used on synthetic turf with sand or rubber infill. The two oscillating brushes stand the carpet fibres up and redistributes the infill evenly, minimising compaction on the surface and improving its performance – giving consistent playing characteristics while preventing pile damage caused by reduced infill levels.

One of the significant advantages James highlights is the flexibility the Osca 3 provides. "We no longer have the monthly expenditure of bringing the contractor in. We invested in the machine, but it is already starting to pay itself back now, and we are getting a better pitch for it. With the Osca, we can now fit in the maintenance work around bookings and weather conditions, whereas before, when we used a contractor, we would need to take the pitch out of action for a whole day."

James further explains how the Osca's oscillating brush, a unique feature setting it apart from other models, plays a crucial role. "The oscillating brush gives us the decompaction and redistribution, but the stiff brush keeps it nice and clean and smooth, and re-levels everything off."

In addition to the machine's performance, James praises the customer service from Syn-Pro by SISIS. "The service from SISIS is excellent. Ben Lloyd (Field Support & Sales) comes in and is always on the phone if I need him throughout the year.”

With the Syn-Pro Osca 3, James and Colliers Park have not only achieved significant cost savings but have also elevated the quality of their synthetic pitch maintenance. The machine's innovative design and the dedicated support from Syn-Pro by SISIS have made it an indispensable tool for ensuring optimal playing conditions.