Tuesday 23 February 2016

New Dennis and SISIS Export Manager Announced

Article - New-Dennis-and-SISIS-Export-Manager-Announced

Guy will be responsible for looking after and growing business outside of the European Union and this will include nurturing relationships with current key customers as well as seeking out new partners in new territories.

Over recent years, the British manufacturers of World class turf maintenance machinery have certainly made an impression in markets outside of Europe and their equipment now stretches to every corner of the globe. Dennis and SISIS have a presence on a number of continents including Asia, Africa, Australia and South America, and Guy believes that this reach will continue to grow.

“There is a great focus inside the business on expanding export and we have everything in place to ensure that this happens. Dennis and SISIS are a well-respected manufacturer and we have a great market position in most places outside of the British Isles. Our traditional products which have been met with so much success in the home markets, combined with constant product innovation are our platforms to develop more export markets.”

Guy has over thirteen years’ experience in export and has an impressive CV to date which includes a position at Kubota. It was during this positon, as a Kubota demonstrator, that he first became acquainted with some of his future colleagues at Dennis and SISIS.

“I first met some of the guys I am now working with when they were demonstrators for Dennis and SISIS. Of course our paths crossed at lots of events, dealer open days and exhibitions and little did I expect to be working with them a few years later.

“Behind every good business is the people, and I got a good feel for what the company was like. As a whole, the company is very well respected in the industry and I think they’ve got a strong team of people with years of experience and a wealthy knowledge of a world market.

“An opportunity to go and work for such a company can’t be taken lightly and I’m delighted to be here.”

Guy is looking forward to the challenge ahead and keen to build upon some already great work.

“I’m looking forward to the new challenge and in a way it is a bit of a relay race. There has already been great groundwork put into lots of places and my predecessor is now handing me the baton so to speak. It’s now my job to run the next leg to best of my ability and I’ll be supported by a great team.

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    New Dennis and SISIS Export Manager Announced